Bulk Materials

In addition to plant materials and garden center merchandise, we deliver the following bulk materials (click on the product name to view products, then use your browser’s Back button to return to this page): bark mulch, peastone gravel, trap rock gravel, and trap rock dust, and topsoil (loam).

We also have samples of these products inside the garden center for you to examine and determine if they meet your needs.  These items may be purchased by the bag and taken with you, or else delivered by truck, as measured by the cubic yard.

To calculate how many cubic yards are recommended for your size area, use the calculator below. The calculator is labeled for gravel, but it works the same for other bulk materials:

For topsoil, be sure to add an additional 20% to the calculator’s suggestion, to allow for compression. You may also want to add up to an additional 20% for other bulk materials to allow for a liberal application or errors in measuring your area.

We recommend the following depths for these materials:

Bark Mulch: 3 inches (then maintain at this depth)
Peastone Gravel: 2 inches for pathways, more or less for other applications
Trap Rock: Depends on specific application
Trap Rock Dust: Depends on specific application
Topsoil: Depends on specific application, but be sure to add 20% to the calculated volume to correct for compression.

There is no minimum order (except for the delivery charge).

Please note that we are a local garden center & landscape company serving the greater Hartford, Connecticut area.  We do not deliver bulk materials out of state.