Merchandise Lines

The following is a list of some of the lines of merchandise that we carry.  Our selections are changing constantly, so be sure to stop by or call us to see our latest offerings.

Gardening Gloves

We carry an extensive line, and customers may special-order items.

Options for Organic Gardening
Our organic and all-natural gardening sections grow more and more each year, and we we feel that it is essential to our environment to offer safe and effective means of gardening, fertilizing, and treating insect and disease problems.

Organic Lawn Care Options

Organic & Natural Soils, Composts, & Mulches


Pest & Disease Control:

ESPOMA Earth-Tone products:  fungicide, 3/1 disease control, insect control, insecticidal soap, horticultural oil, slug & bug control

Bonide – Systemic Insect Control; Neem Oil, Captain Jack’s DeadBug Brew

Bayer Rose & Flower Care & Tree & Shrub Care

A complete line of Espoma organic fertilizers including Holly Tone, Bio-Tone, Plant-Tone, Soil Acidifier, Bulb-Tone, Garden Lime, Triple Phosphate, and Mycorrhizae. Visit to learn more

Other fertilizers include SuperThrive, Osmocote, Jack’s Classic fertilizer products

We purchase plant materials only from the top growers in the country, and pride ourselves in keeping current with which growers offer the hardiest, highest-quality plant material.  Here are some of these growers who supply us:

You will find many branded collections at Gledhill, such as:
Knock Out Roses
David Austin Roses
Proven Winners
Endless Summer Hydrangea Collections
Sunny Border Nursery

In our gift shop, you will find gardening essentials, home decor, seasonal accents, and outdoor living accessories.  Everything from seed starting materials, a wild birding department, pottery departments, and gifts for the gardener in your life.