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Click on any thumbnail image to show a larger photograph, then use your browser's Back button to return to this page.  Use scroll bars to see all the thumbnails.  
NOTE: Thumbnails showing a collage of multiple photos are the best ones to look at to see the entire before/after sequence of a landscaping project, but these photos may take a bit longer to load, so please be patient, and use the scroll bars if necessary to see the entire collage.
Patio composite.jpg (148348 bytes) landscape job 6.jpg (79310 bytes) landscape job 12.jpg (75709 bytes) Kenmore_tr.jpg (78054 bytes)
landscape job 16.jpg (78990 bytes) landscape_job_patio.jpg (49834 bytes) landscape job 13.jpg (73055 bytes) patio.jpg (135033 bytes)
pavers_P0001702_tw.jpg (89441 bytes) pavers_P0001703_tw.jpg (92386 bytes) pavers_P0001704_tw.jpg (78919 bytes) stonework patio0003_tw.jpg (43214 bytes)
stonework patio0004_tw.jpg (54641 bytes) stonework patio0009_tw.jpg (63918 bytes) stonework patio0006_tw.jpg (51708 bytes) stonework patio0007_tw.jpg (56186 bytes)
stonework patio0008_tw.jpg (47275 bytes) stonework patio0001_tw.jpg (20828 bytes) stonework patio0005_tw.jpg (57936 bytes) P0002095_tw.jpg (74756 bytes)
P0003000_tw.jpg (59524 bytes) P0003001_tw.jpg (73453 bytes) Picture 008_tw.jpg (57223 bytes)
Pavers, patios, and walls
landscape job 17.jpg (52855 bytes) landscape job 2.jpg (69366 bytes) landscape job 3.jpg (80288 bytes) landscape job 4.jpg (72566 bytes)
landscape job 5.jpg (69926 bytes) landscape job 8.jpg (80712 bytes) steps.jpg (76378 bytes) landscape job 14.jpg (78179 bytes)
landscape job 15.jpg (73049 bytes) front_2.jpg (72234 bytes) side_walkway.jpg (96610 bytes)
front_1.jpg (63501 bytes) toward_house_angle_1.jpg (57168 bytes) down_pathway.jpg (58611 bytes) side_walkway_angle_2.jpg (50774 bytes) front_3.jpg (46561 bytes)
backyard.jpg (56963 bytes) Kenmore_1.jpg (86699 bytes) Kenmore_3.jpg (90618 bytes) patio p1.jpg (89922 bytes) patio p2.jpg (104742 bytes)
P0002172_tw.jpg (87070 bytes) P0003070_tw_reduced.jpg (59984 bytes) P0002169_tw.jpg (89934 bytes) P0001936_tw.jpg (100130 bytes) P0001935_tw.jpg (99393 bytes)
P0001942_arch_tw.jpg (86964 bytes) P0001938_tw.jpg (106053 bytes) P0001939_tw.jpg (111117 bytes) P0001940_tw.jpg (111152 bytes) P0001941_tw.jpg (98468 bytes)
P0001937_tw.jpg (83169 bytes) P0002952_tw.jpg (83267 bytes) P0002931_tw.jpg (70971 bytes) P0002923_tw.jpg (76361 bytes)
P0002948_tw.jpg (68724 bytes)
P0002998_tw.jpg (69942 bytes) P0002997_tw.jpg (76524 bytes) P0003195_tw.JPG (75721 bytes) P0003194_tw.JPG (73238 bytes)
P0003188_tw.JPG (65918 bytes)
Click here to see an interactive herb garden installation slide show.
Miscellaneous landscape features
landscape job 1.jpg (71206 bytes) landscape job 7.jpg (74814 bytes) landscape job 9.jpg (72952 bytes) landscape job 10.jpg (76951 bytes)
pond_view.jpg (78474 bytes) landscape_composite_2.jpg (133629 bytes) Kenmore.jpg (91028 bytes) P0002167_x.jpg (84271 bytes)
P0002237_tw.jpg (74228 bytes) P0002912_tw.jpg (86101 bytes) P0002953_tw.jpg (81315 bytes)
Click here to see some interactive pond-making slide shows.
Picture 023_tw.jpg (57712 bytes) P0003044_tw.jpg (46928 bytes) P0003050_tw.jpg (51973 bytes) IMG_1695_tw.JPG (60794 bytes)
Picture 008_tw_print.jpg (1773210 bytes) P0003192_tw.JPG (75999 bytes) Feb 2010 mis. 059_tw.jpg (79055 bytes) Feb 2010 mis. 187_tw.jpg (79353 bytes)
Feb 2010 mis. 219_tw.jpg (80181 bytes) Feb 2010 mis. 220_tw.jpg (87225 bytes)
Ponds/water gardens
putting_green.jpg (66462 bytes)
Putting greens (showing before vs. after construction)

Click here for a tour of our nursery grounds to see ideas for many other landscaping features that can be incorporated into your landscape design.

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